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Can you make a difference?

By :Barry Klein 0 comments

How many of you reading this would like to make a positive difference while on this Earth? Do you have great dreams and aspirations? Or just something small that's manageable, but still, you can leave your "mark". Do you sabotage your idea thinking " I can't do this, it's too much for me"? Or some other excuse your mind makes up to keep you from fulfilling your desires? Yes? It happens to many of us, including me at times in my life.

What is it that keeps you from making this difference? Are you afraid of what others might think? Do you not feel good enough about yourself and what you are capable of? Or is it financial, having enough money to do what you want? Funny how different ideas creep into our heads and keep us from doing what we want to do. Even the simplest things might make you nervous about what someone might think of your action. My suggestion is: do it anyway!

Better yet, make sure if possible to do it when there are other people around so that not only are you being a positive example, you are stepping into your fears! Do you ever take time to look at your "blocks", the reasons that inhibit you from moving forward in your dreams/lives/ideas that you would like to fulfill whether small or large? To see what they are and dump them because they don't serve you in a positive way? This is something that I have been doing of recent times and am in the process of changing my vibe so that I can do what I would like to be doing, to let more goodness into my life, to make more of a positive impact on this earth, whether big like having a house where I grow food for me and the locals or just simple things (which we all can do) like picking up the garbage on Main Street which I quite often do because I like to have a clean environment to live.

Everyone can have something better in their lives, whatever it may be, as long as we are willing to do the work to get us to that fulfillment.

Blessings and much success,

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