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Our Mission

Our Mission


To Inspire People of All Ages to have a Life-Style of Extraordinary Health and Well-Being, with God-Given Purpose!



Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  Livia will always strive to provide foundational support to educate people of all ages how to live a lifestyle of extraordinary health and well-being, with God-given purpose.  

We believe your health is a gift and deserves premium nutrition.  By using only organic, natural, non-GMO ingredients, Livia will set a standard of high-quality supplemental products our customers will grow to expect and trust.



  • Integrity – Imperative to business success, Livia strives to do what is correct: act with honesty and transparency, all the time, not just when it is easy; leading by example, company earns respect, trust, and a credible reputation.   
  • Synergy – Livia Global is built on the belief that with synergy, God's involvement with Livia, and Livia's involvement with wholesale business owners and employees, the company can achieve what is not possible in and by themselves.
  • Quality Products – Livia Global believes that good health starts with certified organic and certified naturally grown products. With an emphasis on high standards, it is Livia Global's goal to provide the highest quality products available using these ingredients.
  • Community Giving – Livia Global believes giving is the highest level of living. As the company not only provides giving back to the local community, Livia Global regularly gives for larger national and global organizations.